A little bit about me......

My passion is to create beautiful photographic prints of images from

around the world,  so people have amazing pieces of art to brighten up

that blank wallspace in their life.

I am a photographer living in beautiful Perth, Western Australia. My first

foray into photography was taking my first Kodak Instamatic on a trip to

Africa when I was 11 and I was a bit hooked. But like 99% of us, have found

so many other aspects of life more dominating, so wasn't able to apply my

love for it as much as I'd like. But over the recent few years, I've decided to make the leap and put a big focus on advancing my love for photography and start my own photographic business.   

​I've had some accolades awarded to me by Australian Photography in 2015, 2017 & 2018, awarding my Landscape, Black&White, Nature and Aerial entries as Commended, Highly Commended and also in the Top 10.   Also in 2017, I was awarded Top 10 Emerging Photographers by Capture Mag in their Photographer of the Year's Art category and again this year, I was awarded Top 20 for my Art Series entry "Aerial Art" and also got Highly Commended awards for my entries in Landscape and Travel categories.

My personal favourite style of photography is landscape and travel (combining two loves is a real bonus). But more recently I am enjoying pushing the boundaries between photography and art, with a particular emphasis on movement in imagery and especially that of the ocean, of which we are so blessed with here in Australia.   And my other newfound love is aerial photography. I recently purchased a DJI Phantom 4 drone, which is a lot of fun to play with.  This aerial vantage point for photography opens up a whole new way of capturing at the extraordinary beauty of Mother Earth.

In my journey to enhance my photography, I have also now developed very proficient skills for post-processing, utilising software packages like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.  As such, I'd very much like to offer my services to those who would like to have their photos given that "POP" factor.  Especially for your beloved travel photos, I believe you'll be amazed how a little "tweaking" can make your treasured holiday memories so much richer.

I really hope you enjoy my work and look forward to hearing from you and hopefully assisting you in selecting an image which is going to help you brighten up that empty wallspace in your life, or help in making your own photos "POP" :-).


cheers, Graham         


"In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration."  Ansell Adams




* Top 10, Photo of the Year, AUSTRALIAN PHOTOGRAPHY's Australian Photographer of the Year Competition, for image, Floating (found in my Art Series - Aerials Portfolio)

* Top 10, Art category, CAPTURE Magazine's, Australasia's Top Emerging Photographers, for image collection: Colours of Broome;  Ash Burnt Land ; Floating; An Evening Stroll; Get Your Pink On and Time Flows (all these images can be found in my Art Series - AerialsPortfolio)


* Top 10, Aerial Category, AUSTRALIAN PHOTOGRAPHY's Australian Photographer of the Year Competition for image collection: Blue Taddy #2 ; Dolphin's Leap; Red Eye Open; and Roebuck Bay Art-Vol III (all these images can be found in my Art Series - Aerials Portfolio)

* Top 10, Aerial Category, AUSTRALIAN PHOTOGRAPHY's Australian Photographer of the Year Competition for image collection: Blue Lagoon; Blue Taddy #1;  Early Man; and Three Wise Fishies (all these images can be found in my Art Series - Aerials Portfolio)

* Create Ranger Parks' "The Heart of Our Outback", Landscape and Nature Photography Prize, People’s Choice Award, for image Tranquility (found in my Landscapes - On the Land Portfolio)

Contact Me

E- earnster66@hotmail.com

T- +61 (0)433 773 603

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